Rhode Gear Bike Rack – Prorack 3 Bike Trunk Carrier Review

Are you looking for a bike carrier that can easily transport three bikes safely and securely? The Prorack 3 Bike Trunk Carrier is designed to keep your bikes stable while on the go. This rack used to be sold under the Rhode Gear bike rack label as the Rhode Gear Shuttle 3, and was beloved by many a cyclist. It’s had a few improvements and is still a quality deal for the price.

Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Carrier My First Impressions

To be honest, I am skeptical when it comes to multi-bike racks. Over the years, I have spent hundreds of dollars on trunk racks to carry my family’s bike on trips across the country—and have been left disappointed. Despite claims of advanced design and ease of use, these bike racks where difficult to set up, scratched up my vehicles, and often had parts that were easy to break.

For over 30 years, Prorack’s (and Rhode Gear) has provided consumers with practical bike rack solutions that are easy to use, expertly constructed and easy on the pocketbook. With the design of the 3-Trunk Bike Rack, you can spend less time installing and worrying about the reliability of the unit. With these worries out of the way, you can spend more time planning the next family getaway.

Product Specifications
So, what makes theProrack 3-Bike Trunk Carrier the best multi-bike unit on the market? Why should you put down your hard-earned cash in buying this bike rack? The following are just a few reasons why this Prorack product gives you more bang for your buck:

Versatile Design

First and foremost, the design of theProrack 3-Bike Trunk Carrier was designed to hold three bikes safely and comfortably. This design works for most any vehicle trunk or rear hatch system. The unit features foldable arms as well as an easy-to-use hub system. Best yet, this bike rack does not require assembly of any sort! With the provided easy-to-follow directions, you can get out of the box and on the road in no time at all.


A huge concern for many bike rack owners is their bike rack displays maximum stability. Whether you are going across town or across the country, you don’t want to have to worry about your bike carrier losing stability as weather and road conditions change. The engineers at Prorack fully understand these concerns and have designed the 3-Bike Trunk Rack with anti-sway cradles. Additionally, the unit features anti-slip foam feet for added stability and worry-free traveling.


Along with stability, another consideration that is at the top of your checklist is security. Any bike rack maker can say their unit is the most stable on the market, but without security, your bikes will end up in the ditch or the side of the road and not on your favorite trail. The Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Rack features high-strength nylon straps with metal hooks for easy and secure mounting.

Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Carrier

Pros and Cons

Before you commit to the purchase of the Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Carrier, you must fully assess both the positives and potential negatives that the product presents. As a satisfier user of this product, the following is a list of the positive attributes of this unit as well as the potential pitfalls:


• Security
As stated earlier, the Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Carrier features excellent security features such as heavy duty nylon straps and metal hooks. The unit features six mounting straps for the top, middle and bottom of the mounting area. The Velcro straps on the unit are easier to work with also.
• Strength
As also stated earlier, an excellent selling point on this unit is its strength. The 3-Bike Trunk Rack is constructed with heavier tubing than other comparable models. This strength is also seen with a higher density foam which connects the rack with your car.
• Three-Year Limited Warranty
Perhaps the biggest selling point for me regarding this unit is that Prorack offers a three-year limited warranty. If you use the rack properly and follow all instructions, Prorack will fix any defects in rack’s construction or workmanship.
• Weird Mounting System
While the security and strength of the Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Rack is second to none, the mounting system of the unit did make me feel uneasy. Instead of running the Velcro fasteners over the top of the bike, you run them underneath. It took awhile to get over feelings that the bikes were truly secured in the unit. You can take a look at an install vid on a Nissan Xterra.
• Is Not Compatible with Every Vehicle
Another unfortunate but unavoidable drawback of this Prorack unit is the fact that is won’t fit on every make of car. I own a van and it works perfectly, but if you have an hatchbacks, you may run into problems getting a secure and tight fit.

Installation Saftey. This vid is a similar model by Yakima that can give you an overview.


The Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Rack is a Solid Investment
When you buy the Prorack 3-Bike Trunk Rack, you are getting a solid unit for an unbelievable price. With their attention to craftsmanship and commitment to quality, you can be assured that the 3-Bike Trunk Rack will get great use for many years to come.

Here are some other models. The Thule Gateway Bike Carrier if you have more to spend and like to stick to the top brand, the Allen if your looking for an inexpensive trailer hitch model, and the Bell because it’s popular but honestly it is not as quality a product as the Prorack, as you’ll see in the reviews.

Be careful of new third party sellers with off brands (like hmm.. MVPower), getting into the market, you want someone who’s been making bike racks not just reselling generic ones! It’s an unfortunate new development on Amazon, so beware.